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  The Windows NT 4.0 Option Pack includes:

  • Internet Information Server 4.0, the standards-based, Web applications server for Windows NT Server, brings unprecedented power to Web professionals, both as a Web server for corporate intranets and public Internet sites and as the superior platform for the next generation of line-of-business applications.
  • Transaction Server 2.0 is a component-based transaction processing system for developing, deploying, and managing high performance, scalable, and robust server applications. MTS defines a programming model, and provides a run-time environment and graphical administration tool for managing enterprise applications.
  • Index Server 2.0 indexes the contents and properties of documents on an Internet or intranet Web site served by Internet Information Server. You can set up Index Server so that clients can search a Web site with any browser by filling in the fields of a query form formatted in HTML.
  • Certificate Server 1.0 is a general-purpose, highly customizable server application for managing the issuance, revocation, and renewal of digital certificates. Digital certificates are used for public-key cryptography applications such as server and client authentication under the Secure Sockets layer (SSL) or Private Communication Technology (PCT) protocols. With Certificate Server, organizations can perform authentication on a corporate intranet or across the Internet through the use of these certificates.
  • Data Access Components 1.5 consist of ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) and Remote Data Service (RDS), the Microsoft OLE DB Provider for ODBC, and Open Database Connectivity (ODBC). These components provide client/server applications—deployed over the Web or a LAN—with easy-to-use, programmatic access to all types of data throughout the enterprise.
  • Site Server Express 2.0 offers a subset of the functionality found in Microsoft Site Server. It includes site analysis, usage analysis and publishing capabilities.
  • Message Queue (MSMQ) 1.0 makes it easy for application programs to communicate with other application programs quickly, reliably, and asynchronously by sending and receiving messages. MSMQ's key features, such as ActiveX support, comprehensive security controls, powerful administration tools, extensive feature set, and integration with other strategic Microsoft products such as IIS, MTS, and MSCS make MSMQ the message queuing product of choice for applications running on Windows 95 and Windows NT.
  • Internet Connection Services for Microsoft Remote Access Service (RAS) 1.0, supplements Windows NT Server basic networking services with the provision of seamless and secure telecommuting services via the Internet, outsourcing or reducing current RAS costs, and the ability to provide custom low-cost Internet access to consumer subscribers of an Internet Service Provider. Install these services today to see how Internet Connection Services for RAS can help you significantly reduce remote connectivity costs, improve end-user experience, and enable new business paradigms over the Internet.
  • Administration tools for many Option Pack components, such as IIS 4.0, Transaction Server, Index Server, NNTP Service, and SMTP Service, are hosted in Microsoft Management Console (MMC). MMC hosts the programs, called snap-ins, that administrators use to manage their servers. Both IIS 4.0 and Index Server have Web-based (HTML) administration tools that provide for remote management of your server from almost any browser on any platform. With IIS 4.0, you can set up administrators for individual virtual directories or computers running Windows NT Server. Also, IIS 4.0 ships the Windows Scripting Host (WSH) for performing common administration tasks from the command line. WSH is a language-independent scripting host for 32-bit Windows platforms. Microsoft provides both Visual Basic® Script and JScript scripting engines with WSH.
  • Development Components: The SDK documentation with IIS 4.0 provides detailed information about special event methods and interfaces available for components running on a Web server that supports Active Server Pages (ASP), the storage of your custom IIS configuration data and how you use built-in objects to manipulate that data, creating and maintaining logging modules, and a set of interfaces that you can use to create HTTP server extensions. In addition, there are many samples that can be used to develop components. Web developers can use Microsoft Script Debugger to debug ASP pages containing scripts written in Visual Basic Scripting Edition (VBScript), JScript™, and Java. You can use Script Debugger to set breakpoints, step through scripts, view and change values, and execute commands dynamically.
  • Internet Explorer 4.0, Microsoft's newest version of Internet Explorer delivers the essential features you need to make finding, browsing, and communicating over the Internet a seamless part of the computing experience.

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