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Microsoft Internet Explorer 4.0 introduces new ways to view Web content. You can use these features to have your favorite Web sites, such as Exploration Air, examined for new content according to the schedule you specify. Then you can choose to either be notified that there is new content available or have the new content automatically updated and downloaded to your hard disk (for example, at night or when your computer is idle) so you can view the pages at your convenience. This is also called subscribing to a Web site (in this sense, subscribing to a site does not necessarily mean paying fees to the site).

You can schedule updates for all of the Web sites you subscribe to or for individual sites throughout the day, daily, weekly, or monthly.

After you have set up your subscriptions, you can view your favorite Web sites off line at your leisure.

Another form of subscribing is channels. Channels are Web sites that are automatically updated to your computer according to a schedule specified by the content provider. Channels can be displayed in the browser, like other Web pages, or in a full-screen window and as your desktop or screen saver too!

Exploration Air supports both subscriptions and channels.

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