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Exploration Air wants to be your favorite airline. We offer the best Frequent Flyer program in the industry with great rewards. Act now and get a 50,000 mile bonus when you join!

Help us be your favorite airline by telling us what we can do to fulfill your travel needs.

Key Personnel
Position Name
CEO Sharon F. Fitzgerald
CFO Edward Higgins
CIO Kevin B. Smith
VP Marketing & Sales Vasco P. Rocha

Exploration Air headquarters are at:
17333 Jefferson Ave SE
Seattle WA, 71002-9911 USA
Ph: (433) 232-9170
Fax: (433) 232-9180

Our satellite offices are located in:
Los Angeles, CA
San Fransisco, CA
New York, NY
Tampa, FL
Dallas , TX
Eugene, OR

Check out our international offices in:
Auckland, New Zealand
Sydney, Australia
London, England
Sao Paulo, Brazil

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